The advantages of using fibre optics in your business

July 1st, 2010

Fibre optics have several advantages over the conventional copper wire. First and foremost, it is cheaper to use fibre optics than it is to use copper wire. Fibre optics are also thinner and have a higher capacity for carrying data than copper wire. Optical fibres can be made smaller than any copper wire.   This means that in a cable of the same size you can have more telephone lines or more TV channels feeding through, essentially it is a space saver. You have less signal los, less interference and lower power consumption when using fibre optics over copper wire. Lower power consumption means more money in your pocket.  Fibre optics are also more flexible, weigh less and because no electricity passes through them they are non-flammable which makes them safer to use.

Captain Consultant to save the day

July 1st, 2010

Network and systems consultants are not in the positions they are in so that they can sit around all day contemplating their navels. No, they are there to help you when you get stuck or do not know how to do something. Reputable consultants should not only await your call but they should go out of their way to make sure that your query or problem is dealt with the fullest extent. This not only shows the quality of their service but also that you can depend on them to get the job done whatever the bump in the road may be. These consultants are there to walk you through solutions, fix your problems, set your mind at ease and help you make a success of your business. 

The necessity of telecommunications

July 1st, 2010

Telecommunications offer a much more effective method of communication, with the development of a global economy it has become increasingly more difficult to visit business physically and so the development of telecommunications began. Today we can enjoy conference calls with users from all over the world, sign a contract digitally and distribute it to all the attendants by the end of the meeting. By the digital transmission of documents the delay caused by conventional mailing is drastically improved. Information is captured quicker, conveyed easier and decisions made more effectively than ever before.Apart from making businesses function more effectively and revolutionizing the way we communicate, telecommunications also created many mediums that can be used for marketing. Consider radio ads, mobile text message adverts or e-mail advertising, these are all effective methods of communication directly with your clients to get a message across. No modern day company can function successfully without the use of telecommunications. By not using this form of technology a company will in effect isolate itself from consumers, suppliers and the rest of the business world. In order to keep your company competitive it is imperative to embrace telecommunications and the new opportunities that it may present you with. Use new developments in the world of telecommunication to your advantage to see your company ahead of competitors.  

How your business can benefit from an integrated system

July 1st, 2010

Almost any type of company can benefit from computer based communication, as it will dramatically reduce your telephone bill. Customer service departments can specifically benefit from integrated systems and operate more efficiently. By integrating your database with your telephone system it is possible to call up customer records even before a call is answered. Imagine what this information will do for your sales department! Sales officers are now able to offer a more personalized service with previous sales reports at hand immediately. Switchboards can be ran through the computer and calls can be managed more effectively with no need for switchboard operators to use long and complicates dialing sequences. For companies with large call volumes it is possible to automate voicemail, this will make it possible to distribute and attend to urgent message more effectively. Network integration will ensure that your network equipment is available to all users on the network, ensure a more productive and streamlined operation. Integrated networks maximize the capacity of all office equipment, increase revenues, improve data flow and ensure effective daily operations.

The Business Use Of Telephone And Network Integration Systems 

June 30th, 2010

Most businesses make use of separate telephone and computer network systems. Integrating voice and data networks can offer incredible benefits to any company but especially to sales or customer service focused companies. Integration of systems refers to the consolidation of all the varied elements that make up a network. Integration systems are custom built for a company and can be simple for smaller networks or very complex serving thousands of users.