How your business can benefit from an integrated system

Almost any type of company can benefit from computer based communication, as it will dramatically reduce your telephone bill. Customer service departments can specifically benefit from integrated systems and operate more efficiently. By integrating your database with your telephone system it is possible to call up customer records even before a call is answered. Imagine what this information will do for your sales department! Sales officers are now able to offer a more personalized service with previous sales reports at hand immediately. Switchboards can be ran through the computer and calls can be managed more effectively with no need for switchboard operators to use long and complicates dialing sequences. For companies with large call volumes it is possible to automate voicemail, this will make it possible to distribute and attend to urgent message more effectively. Network integration will ensure that your network equipment is available to all users on the network, ensure a more productive and streamlined operation. Integrated networks maximize the capacity of all office equipment, increase revenues, improve data flow and ensure effective daily operations.

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